At Impact Childcare, we take great pride in providing nutritious and delicious meals for our children. We understand the importance of a well-balanced diet for the growth and development of young children, and that’s why we make sure that all the food we serve is homemade on site using only the freshest ingredients. We also embrace multiculturalism, so our menu features a variety of dishes from different cultures to expose our little ones to diverse cuisines. We believe that healthy eating habits start at a young age, and we strive to instill these habits in our children by serving them tasty and nutritious meals that they will love.

Fresh: Cooked On-Site

Our food is prepared and cooked on-site daily. We provide our children with a healthy morning snack, a nutritious hot lunch, and a fun afternoon snack! Our menu is constantly evolving, to better cater to the needs and interests of the children in our care. Some of the food we serve are changed seasonally.

To ensure that even the pickiest eater will have some veggie in their diet, we try to sneak in vegetables wherever we can! On top of that, all our hot lunches comes with a side of fresh fruits for dessert! Yum!