Our Distinctives

What sets us apart?

Parents have to make a very important choice when deciding where to send their child to daycare. What sets Impact apart from other daycares? Why choose Impact over the next daycare? Here at Impact Childcare we stand out from the rest by offering:


Less children per class means children get more one-on-one care and attention. Opportunities to support children are not divided, rather children get individualized support, teaching and growth opportunities.


At Impact, we don’t settle for mediocre programming. Our staff is given a weekly prep time to ensure the programming they create for your child promotes learning, encourages discovery and exploration, and brings loads of creativity.


We don’t use a catering company or buy processed foods. We don’t serve juices and sugary foods. Rather we have trained Food Handlers who whip up healthy, nutritious and ethnically diverse meals for our children daily.


We partnered with HiMama, a parent communication app where we send you detailed daily reports of your child’s day. Our parents look forward to opening their report every day!



Our staff care. We go above and beyond to make sure every child at Impact is comfortable, happy and taken care of properly. So if you as a parent have a request, we do our best to meet it.


At Impact, you can trust that your child is safe. We have a locked door policy, where doors remain locked at all times. We use a buzzer system where doors are open to only those we know. Fire Drills are practiced monthly with the children, and all staff are CPR/First Aid trained before beginning work. Lockdown and emergency procedures are reviewed quarterly with staff, and all classrooms are equipped with First Aid kits.


At Impact we value our faith in God, and that is the centre of everything we do. From the way we interact with the children, to the way the staff treat one another, loving God and loving others is our main principle in how we order and direct our business here at Impact.

Our Team

We are a small, tight-knit family working together towards one goal. Our goal is to inspire, motivate and empower children to reach their full learning potential. We are committed to nurturing strong, healthy children by offering Christian based care in an environment rich in purpose and experience.


Preschool Teachers

Toddler Teachers